Translating is an art. The translator should re-create the text in his own native language in such a way that the reader of the translation reacts to it as an English reader reacts to the English text. Henry Begemann

That’s exactly the way we do it.
Bernadette, Plus ça change Translations

Our Signature Service: English to French Translation

We offer accurate, highly readable English to French translation that, to most reader’s eyes, will be indistinguishable from that of a native writer. We can handle the most challenging projects, and have them finished on time.


Areas of Specialization:

Public Affairs: Governments, public policies, public health, international relations, advocacy, campaigning and social change, parliamentary debates.

Social Sciences: Political science and political history, economics, governance, society.

Environment: Ecology, wildlife, natural resources and conservation.

Business: Corporate communications, strategic communications, business news.

Examples of documents we work with:

Press releases and business content.
Policies, briefings, and advisory notes.
Reports and reviews.
Political platforms and statements, campaign material.
Fact sheets and presentations.
Procedures and guidelines.
Corporate profiles.
Brochures and training materials.
Almost anything else…

Other Services/Languages

We handle written translation to and from most languages of the Americas and Europe. We have an extensive list of professionals that we work with if you require a language that we do not specialize in. As always, talk to us, and we’ll do our best to help you.